Angry Birds Facebook

Angry Birds Facebook

Everyone's favorite birds come to Facebook


  • Great graphics and physics
  • Play against Facebook friends
  • Obtain rewards for playing
  • Lots of fun


  • Some levels are repetitive


Angry Birds, the popular game for iPhone is quickly making its way across platforms. Now it is available to play while logged into Facebook with Angry Birds Facebook.

The premise is simple, and identical to its incarnations on other platforms. Slingshot a variety of different birds into structures housing green pigs in order to destroy the menacing swine who've nabbed your eggs.

Gameplay is similar to the browser version of Angry Birds, with nice, crisp graphics and familiar sound effects. What makes Angry Birds Facebook even more fun is its interactive element. Play against Facebook friends who have the app, and even brag on their wall when you beat their high scores on each level. If you have friends who haven't played Angry Birds Facebook yet, you can invite them via the app with ease.

In addition, Angry Birds Facebook also lets you make in app purchases for a variety of different items that will do anything from help you aim your birds better to giving you the ability to sling your bird with more force. You can also obtain rewards every day you play, which adds a fun element to Angry Birds Facebook.

If you've played the game on your phone a lot, Angry Birds Facebook might seem a bit repetitive because the levels are the same. The social aspect of getting to play the game on Facebook more than makes up for it though.

If you can't get enough of Angry Birds on your phone, Angry Birds Facebook should do the trick!

Angry Birds Facebook

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Angry Birds Facebook

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