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Farmerama is a browser-based farming game, reminiscent of many other farming games that are available. Build up a farm, grow and diversify crops, all the while keeping a watchful managerial eye on everything.

Farmerama is presented in a cutesy isometric way. There is some animation, although it's fairly basic and sometimes disappointing (the combine harvester doesn't physically move, for example). The game is totally mouse-controlled - you set up your fields, and click on them to choose crops, irrigation and fertilization. Every crop takes an amount of time to grow, starting from a few minutes.

It is this waiting that defines farming gameplay. You need to plan when to plant certain crops, and remember to harvest them. Time cannot be accelerated, and always moves forward, whether or not you're logged in. Farmerama requires regular attention, which is where its addictiveness comes in. This gameplay isn't very different from other games of this type, but it's well put together and pleasant to look at. There is no soundtrack, but that's good for a browser game that you can keep open in a tab while doing other things.

Farmerama is an easy-to-play farming game that can easily take up hours of your time as you try to create the farm you want.


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Farmerama (Browser game)

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    I have played this game online. It is actually more fun to me than some of the other. You do not have...   More